Saturday, April 19, 2008

Looking for Some extra income


Let's face one source of income just is not cutting it these days. And with the current state of the economy we all need every little extra penny we could get.

I've come across a great little site that pays me for completing surveys, Granted i'm not making $100's but every little bit helps these days. I spend about 10-15 min a day completing 1-2 surveys (FOR FREE) and get anywhere from $.25 to 1.50 per survey. By the end of the month this adds up to some great extra little cash in my pocket. AND YES I have gotten a check EVERY month since I started in December.
Interested??? Just check here...Sign up for FREE and give it a shot (really try) for at least one month and see if you think its worth it? What do you have to lose???You may make $10 you may make more. But isn't it worth a shot?
I will make one major suggestion before you do join. Go to GMail and create a new (or more if you like) Email account. Make sure you USE that account and not your main one. Becuase you WILL get lots of spam mail.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Clearing out my stock room

Hello and welcome.
I'm Shannon, an independent Avon Sales rep. I've been with AVON for over 6 years and during that time I have accumulated SOO Much stock.
Please help me clear out my unwanted stock. All items listed are in NEW condition, never been used (unless noted).
Shipping will be Priortiy with delivery confirmation. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions on any of the products and to make payment arrangements.
Shipping price is determined by the size box (amount of products you order).
As i clean out more of my stock room i will add more products. If you are looking for a particular product (discontinued or new) please feel free to message me. I have tons of products I still need to sort through and ALOT of them are discontinued.
PLEASE SEND emails requesting which product you wish to purchase (and how you would like to pay) to SHANNONSAVON@OPTONLINE.NET
Pictures of products available upon request.
Prices listed are PER EACH ITEM!

Last updated 12/10/08

Bubble Baths 24 fl oz $4 Each
1-Soft Pink
1- Honey And Vitamin E

Moisture Therapy Body Lotion & Hand Cream Set $8 (qty 2 sets)
Mark Kiwi and Lotus Shower Gel and Lotion Set $8
Exotic Waters Set (2 Moisture Gels, 1 Body Scrub, 1 Body Spray) $12

Becoming Mini gift Set (2 nail polishes, 1 shower gel, 1 body lotion) (this is from the BeComing Line (Discontinued) and is the signature scent from that line) $8

Perfumed Body Softeners $2 each

In the Naturals Line I have 2 sets (Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Body Spray) in each of the following scents Each Set is $11

Naturals Cucumber Melon Foam Bath 2 for $8
Naturals Wild Orchid Foam Bath $4

Anew Alternative Intensive Age Treatment day SPF 25 $10
Anew Force Extra Night Cream $10 (qty 2)
Anew Force Extra Day Cream $10
Anew Ultimate Night Cream $15
Anew Ultimate Hand and Nail Cream $10
Anew Advanced All in one Lotion $5
Anew Retroactive Cream $10 (qty 4)
Anew Retroactive Body (qty 2) $10
Anew Line Eliminator $10 (qty 2)
Anew Biologie Skin Optimizer $10 (qty 4)
Anew Retroactive Eye (qty 2) $9
Anew Advanced All in One Max Cream $7
Slim & Sleek Leg Perfector (qty 2) $7
PoreFection Clay Cleanser $8
Clean Cream Facial Cleanser $8
Clinical Line & Wrinkle Cream $15
Clinical Laser System $15
Clinical Deep Crease Concentrate (qty 8) $15
Solutions Clean Cloths (facial cleanser) $4
Solutions Bust Sculpt $8
Solutions Nutura Replenishing cream $4
Keep it Clean Facial Cleanser (qty 2) $7

Perfect Wear Foundation Almond $7
Anew Age Transforming Foundation in Porcelain. $10
8 in 1 Eye Color Pallette in Paradise Greens $6
Heavenly Soft Eyeshadow Trio ~ Browns $3
Glazewear Lipstick ~ Toasted Tawny $4
Glazewear Lipstick ~ Juicy Apricot $4
Glazewear Lip Gloss ~ Raisin Glaze $4
Glazewear Lip Gloss ~ Spring Cooper $4
Glazewear Lip Liner ~ Sheer Peach $2
Glazewear Lip Liner ~ Sheer Nude $2
Perfect Wear Liquid Eye Liner ~ Evening Black $4 (qty 4)
Perfect Wear Liquid Eye Liner ~ Deep Violet $4 (qty 3)
Perfect Wear Liquid Eye Liner ~ Sparkle Night $4 (qty 3)
Perfect Wear Lip Color ~ Sunset rose $4
Perfect Wear Lip Color ~ Coral Reef $4
Glimmersticks Eye Liner ~ Majestic Plum $3
Big Color Eye Pencil ~ Antique Lilac $3
True Color Eye Shadow Single ~ Classic Mocha $2.50
True Color Eye Shadow Single ~ Woodrose $2.50
True Color Powder Blush ~ Deep Pink $3
True Color Brow Powder ~ Soft Black $1.50
Glass Reflections Lip Color ~ Glosy Spice $3
Ultra Color Rich Lipstick ~ Chic Pink $3
Longest Lashes EVER Mascara ~ Black $4 (qty 2)
Perfect Wear Long Lasting Mascara ~ Navy $2
ANEW Smoothing Eye Liner ~ Black $4
Incredible Finish Pressed Powder ~ Natural Beige ~ $3

Pro Gloss HOOK UP Lip Shine ~ Swell $2
Pro Glimmer HOOK UP Lip Powder ~ Posh $2
Candy Strips Lipgloss (compact NOT included) $3

Treselle Parfum $10 (qty 2)
Imari Seduction Eau de Toilette Spray $10
Be kissable Eau de Toilette spray $6
Be Spontaneous Eau de Toilette Spray $6

Jewelry & Fashion Items
Heirloom Medialion Gift set $15
Pretty Pastel Link Bracelet $5
Sweet Sorbet Butterfly Pendant Gift Set $8

MISC Items
Wellness Total Body Cooling Spray $5
SUN After Sun Lotion $5
FootWorks Dbl Action Sloughing Cream $2
SSS Bug Guard Expedition Aerosol (qty 4) $2 each

HisStory Shower Gel $5
Mens Pro Extreme Facial Cleanser $5
Derek Jeter Cologne with gift Bag $20

You can also visit my AVON Store and purchase current brochure items. Shipping is FREE with REPFS. If your interested in becoming a rep visit use Reference code SMANARINO. (start up fee is only $10 with my code)

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